My name is Łukasz Lipka and I am a freelance photographer from Poland currently living in England. Since I was a young child I have been interested in aviation and in 2012 that passion has guided me to buy my first DSLR camera. That is the reason why at the beginning I was focused mostly on aviation photography but through the years I realized that is not the only field in photography which I am keen on. Since then I have taken my camera wherever I go and I am constantly looking to improve my skills as a photographer. Every year I travel as much as I can to discover new places and to catch my favourite aircraft at the airshows and other aviation events.

LLIPKA.PL is a place where I can show you some results from my photographic adventures.

Łukasz Lipka

Lukasz Lipka


Feel free to ask me anything.

Email: lukaszlipkaph@gmail.com

Through the years I have been also publishing my photos on some online galleries: