Iniochos 2023

The international air exercise "INIOCHOS 2023" took place at Andravida Air Base from April 24th, 2023, to May 4th, 2023. This air base served as the primary location for most of the involved fighter jets during the exercise. A wide range of aerial missions were carried out throughout both daytime and nighttime, following a rigorous and fast-paced schedule. These missions encompassed various aspects of modern air operations and were conducted within challenging scenarios.

Iniochos 2023 participants:
Country/Organization Aircraft
Hellenic Air Force F-16C/D, F-4E, Rafale, Mirage 2000
Royal Saudi Air Force F-15SA
Indian Air Force Su-30MKI
Royal Jordanian Air Force F-16
Italian Air Force Tornado IDS/ECR
Cyprus Air Command AW-139
Slovenian Air Force PC-9M
Spanish Air Force F/A-18A+
French Air Force Rafale